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We are part of a Planet which is soffering for pullution, and ProtoXtype is an answer 100% ecofriendly.
All ProtoXtye materials do not generate pollution and give a natural touch without dangerous chemical contamination.
All fabrics come from a deep sourcing and  synergy with fabrics suppliers: easy care, soft and quick dry, waterproof, water resistant, breathable, windproof, deodorization,  antibacterial, UV protection. All our suppliers must prove they have OEKO-TEX certification.All  items are simple and distinctive – having performance, light in weight (the warmest  down jackets less than 380 grams) and  special shapes to fit our body that give real free movements in each part: special paper patterns on all items for moving in relax arms, legs and body.
We have assembled items that can be used individually depending on the environment such as warm weather,  raining season, cold weather…etc. or used together.We have projected sets, where 10 items  allow people to travel from equatorial planet zone to north circle near the  arctic zone, and in addition with less than 10 kilograms, including the travel bag.

Any unnecessary  items or accessories has been deleted: no polybag, hang tags, no flag labels.
All information such as washing instructions,  compositions, sizes and fabric performances are clearly shown inside the garments  with a soft and comfortable label/bonding technology.
Our target are traveler and who is very sensitive to be  very independent, light and value the real items, independent from the  trends.
We have focused on performance, natural  materials and/or hi-tech but all our items are eco-friendly.
Each item has own bag to store with outside  description of the item, coding and size, and please put your name on it,will be you companion on your travel of life.