Lady long down coat with detachable hood

349.00 excl tax

90/10 Down coat water repellent, very light in weight (550 gr).

Built with 3 dimentional paper patterns, this coat has 2 outside pockets and 4 big and comfortable inside pockets.

The hood is big and detachable (you can store it inside one of the inside pockets of the coat).

You can adjust by yourself the lenght of the sleeves,  and the collar is very big and soft, with adjustable closure for the best protection if wind and /or very low temperature.


Under the armpits there is a small insert in polypropylene to allow you to do any movement in total freedom and in the means time to allow the perspiration of humidity.


The special design of the bottom part of front side is for easy movement for walking and comfortable when wearer is sitting down or drive.


Available in colors : Black, Argil, Sand