Lady 100% silk and down jacket with detachable hood (3 layers)

520.00 excl tax

3 layers 100% silk down jacket, waterproof, wind proof, breathable, and very light in weight (600 grms)


Even if it is folded in a polybag or in a bag, it will lose the wrinkled effect in few minutes.


Built with 3 dimentional paper patterns, this jacket has 2 outside pockets and 4 big and comfortable inside pockets.

The hood is big and detachable (you can store it inside one of the inside pockets of the jacket), completaly sealed and bonded to guarantee the totally windproof and waterproof.


The special deisign of collar has been projected to protect from the wind, and the special design on its back makes it very comfortable and it allows every movements even if we wear jumpers and jackets under the silk coat.


The bottom part of front side allow you easy movement for walking and it’s very comfortable when you are sitting or drive.


You can adjust by yourself the closure of the sleeves.


We have also thought of an hole for your headphone


Available in colors : Black, Sand