Woven Organic Cotton Short Sleeves Shirt (enzyme stone washed)

129.00 excl tax

Soft and comfortable, antimicrobial, breathable. Do not fade and do not shrink after washing.


Organic cotton jeans is a fabric made of cotton fibers that were not treated with chemicals; for this reason it is nonallergenic.
Plus, it allows the absorption and perspiration of humidity: by wearing this article of clothing it will always be as if you were wearing a freshly-laundered shirt.

The special shape of collar make it stand, if need, for wind protection.

Cut and sew under part of the sleeve and side body, is for function of easy movement and the shirt will not seriously pull up when raise your hands.

The special shape of the holes button is for the function of secure: button will not button off easily.

Side pocket to put your mobile phone, and an additional cord where you can put glasses.